3 Shortcuts to Style


The difference between a basic outfit and an authentic style is all in the details.  A supremely put-together woman contemplates her outfits from head to toe.  Ensembles are pre-planned and cohesive.  Each piece is carefully chosen to uphold an intended image.

In short, developing a chic and authentic style takes work.  Fortunately there are shortcuts to look like you spent hours getting dressed (but in a fraction of the time).  

Follow these three steps for a low-maintenance formula to style: 

1) Add a completer piece to every outfit: A “completer piece” is an extra garment that  completes a look.  Never just wear bottoms and a top (or just a dress), always add a cardigan, blazer, indoor jacket, scarf or hat to turn everyday clothing into a true outfit. 

When it comes to wearing separates, a three-piece ensemble instantly creates a put-together impression, adding visual interest with additional print, texture, dimension and color.  Blazers and cardigans have the most dramatic and professional impact, but for weekend or business casual dressing you can elevate the look with a hat, scarf or dramatic belt. 

2) Add a statement accessory:  You needn’t spend a lot of time combining accessories to look finished.  Cheat the system with one bold accessory that does all of the work for you.  Chunky or multi-tiered necklaces, dramatic chandelier earrings or a statement watch work well.

3) Don’t match:  The concept of “matching” colors is antiquated.  Matching your handbags to your shoes, for example, looks dated and stale.

The modern approach is to choose colors that work together, rather than match.  For example, rather than pair an emerald green dress with the same shade of shoes, mix with another jewel tone, such as royal blue, amethyst purple or berry pink.  No two pieces need to be the same color; you can additional shades with your handbag, cardigan or accessories.  The rules have expanded to make a range of color combinations permissible which looks fresher and more modern than a classic ‘matchy’ look. 

Apply these three tricks to every outfit for instant ‘je ne sais quoi’ chicness.

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