Styling the Luscious ROUND Body Shape

The round body shape, also known as an apple, is characterized by fullness in the midriff without a defined defined waistline. Female figure

If you have a bit of a tummy and you bust, waist and hip measurements all about the same (or your waist measurement is largest), you’re considered a round.  Rounds gain weight in their midsection first but may have an impressive bust, great legs and nice arms.

Styling Tips

  • Dress to highlight your best assets (arms, bust or legs).
  • The right bra is a game-changer for you as the area under your bust is often the narrowest part of your torso.  Lift your bust to lengthen and slim your body.
  • Use clothing to create the illusion of a more defined waistline. Empire waistlines highlight the narrowest part of you and create the illusion of an hourglass shape.  Wrap tops, “fit and flare” styles and peplums  (a short flared fabric around the waist of a garment) are also good choices.
  • Choose necklines that open up the chest and draw the eye upwards like V-necks and wide scoop necks.
  • Avoid clingy fabrics in favor of those that glide over the body and camouflage bumps.
  • Skirts to the knee or slightly longer will lengthen you.
  • Dark wash bootcut jeans and trousers, which fall in a straight line from the hip down to the ankle, are the most flattering pants.
  • Avoid clothing that adds volume to either half of your body. Ruffles, tiers and puffy details emphasize roundness.
Knee-length or longer dresses lengthen the silhouette of these luscious, curvy ladies!


3 thoughts on “Styling the Luscious ROUND Body Shape

  1. Wonderful! Just loved this post…I really admire you for starting your Christmas decorating and shopping this early so you’ll be able to &#28j0;en8oyࢭ December w/ your family and friends! Why can’t I do this!! I have started shopping!! yey!! lol! Your just a doll!


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