Styling the Flawless RECTANGLE Body Shape

Female figureThe rectangle shape, also known as a “straight” or “ruler” shape, is defined by balanced hips and shoulders with minimal waist definition.

The rectangle usually has a small bottom with minimal hip fat and a waist that is only one to eight inches smaller than the bust. A key indicator of a rectangle figure is that weight gain is spread proportionately across the body. Many rectangles are slim and some find it hard to put weight on at all.

This is a great body with nothing to hide!



  • Your key styling goal is to define your waistline and create curves.
  • Use waist-defining belts to slim the waist in contrast to your hips and bust.
  • You can add volume to your shoulders and hips to create more fullness.
  • Tops with frills and ruffles can be very flattering.
  • Most skirts look great on this body type, including pencil, tulip, “fit and flare” and A-line styles.
  • Flare shapes, in dresses and jackets, work wonders to add feminine shape to your silhouette.
  • Dropped waist dresses and very straight shift/column dresses tend to exaggerate your straightness as do low-rise pants.


Straight Body Shape
Sexy, elegant rectangle girls! Note how the fit and flair style (left) adds the illusion of curves to the body. A tailored fit with piping at the waist (far right) highlights the waistline for a more hourglass silhouette.  


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