Dressing the HOURGLASS body shape 

Female figureThe hourglass shape is characterized by balanced hips and shoulders with a defined waist.  If your bust and hip measurements are the same, or within an inch of one another, and your waist is at least nine inches smaller than your hip/bust measurement, you’re an hourglass!

The hourglass woman usually has a full bosom, a full, round bottom and good legs.  Weight gain is usually proportionate throughout the body. 

The hourglass shape is our current cultural ideal and is therefore the easiest to dress. This body doesn’t need styling tricks to create the illusion of symmetry as it’s already balanced.  The challenge for this body shape is to find garments that fit your curves without making you look bigger.


  • Given your perfect proportions, your key style goal is to highlight your waist and showcase your curves.
  • Avoid baggy clothing which can make you look heavier.
  • Look for tops and dresses that highlight your waist. Examples include wrap tops and dresses, form-fitting styles and banded waistbands.
  • Waist-cinching belts are your best friend.  Use them to showcase your waist and add structure to flowing or baggy tops.
  • Expect to have clothing altered.  It is tricky to find off-the-rack styles that accommodate your bust and hips/bottom while fitting your waist.
  • Maintain your proportions. If you choose a top that adds volume to your bust or shoulder line, balance with a bottom that adds volume at the hip.

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