Bold Florals: An Office-friendly Spring 15 Trend

Bold florals were all over the catwalk for the spring 2015 season.  They ranged from the dark, mysterious prints of Erdem, to delicate, feminine styles by Oscar de la Renta, and the bold, bright patterns of Michael Kors.

Nothing feels quite so “spring” as a bright floral palate, but it can tricky to pull off in the corporate world.  Here are four ways to embrace this spirited, flirty vibe in an office-appropriate way.

1) A floral pencil skirt:  The key to keeping florals corporate is scale.  The more conservative your work environment, the less visually overpowering your florals should be. This on-trend pencil skirt can be played up or toned down. Pair it with a bright colored blazer or cardigan for a spirited, eye catching look.  Alternatively, tone it down with a white collared shirt and black blazer for a subtle twist on conventional suiting.

2) A floral blazer/cardigan:  Floral cardigans and blazers are a bold way to embrace the trend.  These work well in creative work environments or to express an artistic, innovative visual brand.

3) A floral blouse:  If you want to ease into the trend or work in a very conservative environment, try a floral blouse underneath your suiting.

4) Floral print pumps:  Another way to nod to the floral trend without making a dramatic change to your corporate style is to sport the print in your footwear.  Be careful to balance these shoes with the right suiting.  As floral prints usually feel feminine and dainty, they pair best with skirts and light colored pant suits.  They can look unbalanced paired with a black pant suit, but it can work if you balance them with a very feminine (i.e. ruffles) blouse in a bright color that compliments one of the hues in the floral pattern.

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