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“Buy Less, choose well, make it last” – Vivian Westwood


What’s a Working Look?

Personal style arises at the intersection of your self-image, values and aspirations. A working look reinforces the best of these characteristics while meeting the functional demands of your lifestyle and budget.

It’s about creating a wardrobe that really works for you – a collection of complimentary, coordinating pieces that inspire you every time you throw open your closet doors.

A working look furthers your personal and professional interests by reflecting an intentional image. People make a number of persuasive character judgments about others within seconds of observing them. Style can do some of the work for you in life by reinforcing what you want people to instantly know and understand about who you are.

A working look is approach to style that conscious, conscientious and planned. It involves investing time upfront so that dressing well each morning becomes effortless and rewarding.

Mission and Values

Mission: To make women feel inspired when they look in their closets and empowered when they look in their mirrors.

Working Look Values

Every body is beautiful:  Every body is a masterpiece worth showcasing. It’s time to stop measuring our worth against photo-shopped artwork and celebrate the body we have.

Every age is worth celebrating: Beauty doesn’t have an expiry date; a Working Look makes the most of every age we’re lucky enough to experience.

Self-love is a political act: In a culture where women are taught to emulate artificial standards of beauty, taking joy in your appearance is a subversive, feminist act – one that empowers other women by example and creates a positive legacy for our daughters.

Less is more:  In today’s fast fashion world, most of us have too many clothes and not enough style. We’re trained by commercial culture to chase what’s new and accumulate quantity over quality. Developing a Working Look is about planning for style leading to more joy from less clothing.