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“Buy Less, choose well, make it last” – Vivian Westwood


What’s a Working Look?

Personal style arises at the intersection of self-image, values and aspirations. A working look reinforces your best characteristics while meeting the functional demands of your lifestyle and budget.

It’s about building a wardrobe that truly works for you – a collection of complimentary, coordinating pieces that inspire you when you open your closet and motivate you when you slip them on.


Mission and Values

Mission: To make women feel inspired when they look in their closets and empowered when they look in their mirrors.

Working Look Values

Every body is beautiful:  Every body is worth showcasing. It’s time to stop measuring our worth against photo-shopped artwork and celebrate the body we have.

Every age is worth celebrating: Beauty doesn’t have an expiry date; a Working Look makes the most of every age we’re lucky enough to experience.

Confidence is a political statement: In a culture that shames women for natural bodies and aging, taking pride in your appearance is an act of rebellion that leaves a more positive legacy for our daughters.

Less is more:  In today’s fast fashion world, most of us have too many clothes and not enough style. We’re trained by commercial culture to chase what’s new and accumulate quantity over quality. Developing a Working Look is about getting more joy from less clothing.