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“Buy Less, choose well, make it last” – Vivian Westwood


About Working Look

Personal style arises at the intersection of self-image, values and aspirations. A Working Look reinforces your best characteristics while meeting the functional demands of your lifestyle and budget.

It’s about building a wardrobe that truly works for you – a collection of complimentary, coordinating pieces that inspire you when you open your closet and motivate you when you slip them on.


About Lesley

I’m Lesley. LesleyHudsonHeadshot

I’m a Certified Image Consultant, Certified Visual Brand Consultant and Style Counsel Stylist with a passion for the transformative power of clothing.

Before venturing into the domain of personal style, I spent 10 years as a professional communicator, with roles including Media Relations Manager for Casino Rama and Communications Advisor in a Regional Government.

I’ve also studied communications academically, earning an Honor’s B.A. in Media Studies and a Masters of Arts and Journalism. Through this experience, I discovered that it’s the interpersonal communication between individuals that fascinates me most.

I’ve witnessed unqualified people thrive and qualified ones flounder due to the way they present themselves to the world. While style is far from the only factor influencing how others perceive us, it’s unquestionably the easiest one to change. We all have to get dressed every day; why not choose pieces that reinforce our best attributes?

Clothing is our second skin; what we wrap ourselves in sends a strong message about who are. Upgrading your style can dramatically change the way others perceive you and, most importantly, how you see yourself.

Working Look is dedicated to helping women leverage the influence of personal style to achieve their goals.

Mission and Values

Mission: To make women feel inspired when they look in their closets and empowered when they look in their mirrors.

Working Look Values

Every body is beautiful:  Every body is worth showcasing. It’s time to stop measuring our worth against photo-shopped artwork and celebrate the body we have.

Every age is worth celebrating: Beauty doesn’t have an expiry date; a Working Look makes the most of every age we’re lucky enough to experience.

Confidence is a political statement: In a culture that shames women for natural bodies and aging, taking pride in your appearance is an act of rebellion that leaves a more positive legacy for our daughters.

Less is more:  In today’s fast fashion world, most of us have too many clothes and not enough style. We’re trained by commercial culture to chase what’s new and accumulate quantity over quality. Developing a Working Look is about getting more joy from less clothing.


FREE Style Advice

I’m now offering style feedback on the Style Counsel app! Style Counsel offers FREE, 24 hour support for your most pressing style questions!

Questions like …

“Should I buy this?”

Have you ever been stuck in a changing room, paralyzed with indecision about a potential purchase? With Style Counsel, you get qualified support when you need it most. Simply upload a selfie wearing the piece in question to get quick feedback from style experts.

“Does this outfit look good on me?”

It’s a question most women ask themselves daily. Sometimes it takes an outsiders’ perspective to help clarify our style vision.

How should I wear this?

How we style and accessorize an outfit can be the difference between slaying style and straying from style. Get stylist tips on how to rock any garment.

“What should I wear?”

Unsure if your outfit is the right one for a given occasion? A global team of stylists is on-hand to help you decide!

Get timely answers to all your style questions from established stylists! 

The Style Counsel app is free style support at the touch of your iPhone. The network includes stylists from fashion-forward cities around the world, including New York, Las Angeles, Stockholm, Liverpool, Berlin, Sydney and Toronto. Stylists include women who have worked for renowned fashion magazines, including Vogue and Elle, as well as full-time fashion bloggers and now … me!

SC - Plus Size Green Floral Wrap

How it Works

1)  Download the Style Counsel app here  (available for iPhone)

2)  Create a profile in seconds (you just need to add an email and create a password)

3)  Start the fashion show! Upload a photo instantly for fast, stylist feedback or just browse and vote on other people’s outfits!

If you download the app here and would like me to comment on your outfit, shout me out on twitter to let me know (@Workinglook). I’ll do my best to comment on your photo!

SC - Shiny Shoes

User Tips

Design your question to suit a “yes” or “no” answer as stylists must select one of these options before commenting. Phrase your comment carefully to help you the most helpful input. For example,

  • Instead of combining two or more questions together (“Does this look good on me or is too big”?), focus on one question that gets to the core of what you’re looking for  (“Is this the right fit to complement my body?”)  
  • Instead of a general question (“Should I wear this?”) be specific to give stylists appropriate context (“Is this dress flattering and appropriate for a daytime, outdoor wedding in June?”)

Try it out today:

Looking for greater level of style support? I’m working on it! Accessible and affordable digital styling packages are coming soon.